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Insurance Rates & Quotes has worked to provide you with a one stop website full of  valuable tips, articles and information designed to help you find the right insurance coverage for you and your family from leading companies, focusing on helping you find the best prices and coverage from reputable insurance providers.  Our editorial team works diligently to try and uncover the latest trends in the insurance industry, creative ways to save money and identify coverage necessities that are often overlooked by consumers and agents.

Shopping for insurance should not be an overwhelming task. First, you need to identify what types of coverage you need. The easiest way to raise or lower almost every type of insurance premium is by adding or subtracting policy endorsements, add-on’s and riders. In addition, weigh the pros and cons of your deductible versus historical losses and your previous experiences. Working with a professional insurance advisor can help guide you into the right products at the right price. We’ve got great news for you, we help bring the insurance agents right to your doorstep online by making them compete for your business to offer you the lowest prices and best coverage, when agents are competing for your business, you are certain to win!

Did You Know?

A great way to save on your insurance is through a multi line discount which often can increase your savings over fifteen percent.

Fifty percent of families under the age of thirty lack adequate life insurance coverage for their spouse and children to sustain their present quality of living.

An Insurance Research Council poll found that only forty percent of renters carry insurance, versus over ninety percent of homeowners.

Important Items To Review With Your Insurance Agent

– Flood insurance, what type of coverage would you receive if your basement were to flood, or worse if your entire property ended up underwater. Does the new policy offer a rider to allow for coverages due to flooding or storm damage, or is it advisable to receive a seperate flood insurance policy

Uninsured and underinsured vehicle auto insurance. What type of coverage would you receive if you are involved in an automobile accident with another driver that does not carry insurance or only has minimal coverages. This is very important to review and understand your coverage’s not only for your car, but for your personal health and that of any other passengers.

– Theft of jewelry, antiques or other collectibles – If you own an extensive collection of valuable collectibles, have expensive jewelry, etc. you will need to purchase a separate rider to allow for coverage of these items, make sure you review the specifics with your agent.

– Medical insurance and auto insurance, which policy would cover you in the event of an accident and were personally injured, do you need to declare this when applying for your policy, what if you were to change jobs or lose your insurance coverage, this is a question to review with your agent and is often overlooked by applicants.

Claims – who do you call if you have an auto accident, or a home fire? What requirements does your insurance carrier have in place for getting your personal property (home or car) repaired. Are you required to go through specific companies for repair or restoration related services. How quickly does the insurance adjuster contact you, how quickly would you receive payment if you were displaced from your home because a flood or fire left the property uninhabitable for an extended period.

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